• Aussizz PYA
    SMIPA(Accounting) & ACS(Information Technology) & Engineering Program
    The Professional Year is the pathway from student to fully-fledged professional, as well as giving eligibility for
    5 migration points towards permanent residence. Enrol through Aussizz Group you will get a program with highest
    quality, best offers, exceptional customer service and many more will uncover many web sites still in their infancy.
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    Quick Visa Process, Up to $1000 Cash Back in Bachelor
    or Master Study Programs
    Faster and Stress Free Visa extension or change of course is our
    first priority so Students can focus on their studies rather than other things.
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Aussizz Education
Student Visa and Admission

Our Education Consultants are endowed with high credentials and will advise you suitably in order to ensure that, while in Australia, you will have access to a unique kind of education.

Aussizz PY specialist
Professional Year Program

A program that has to be taken by IT Professionals, engineers and Accounting students after the completion of their Degree, the Professional Year enables one to get a Permanent Resident Visa.

Aussizz Travel
Travel and Leisure Activity

At Aussizz, travel should inspire, activate, relax and rejuvenate our clients! Exactly why, we have a dedicated division that looks after all your travel needs - be it business or pleasure.

  • Online Point Test

    This section will take you to the self-assessment point test Platform. If you are looking for Skilled Migration, you will be able to check your eligibility to pass the Immigration Point test system through this platform.

  • Client Login Area

    Welcome to the New Aussizz Client Login Area. If you are a current Aussizz client, you can access your account information including the invoices, Payment Receipt, Offer, Application Status and Communication history with our Staff.

  • Client Review

    One of Core Value for Aussizz is putting the Customer first. We allow our clients the opportunity to write a review about their experience with us. It’s transparent and genuine platform to help other clients to understand Aussizz serviceability.

Our Services

GSM Visa

About GSM Visa

GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa is specifically issued to individuals with special skills and willing to settle in Australia. Aussizz being a one window facilitator in Australian immigration services provides consultation, assessment and visa services for GSM category. This visa is applicable for individuals who are able to get sponsorship of an Australian employer. Read More...

Student Visa

About Student Visa

Student visa to Australia is offered to eligible candidates for allowing them to undertake graduate, post graduate, doctoral, professional, vocational, and even school level study programs. Every year more than 250,000 students on an average immigrate to this country for studying different courses and take up temporary residence. Aussizz facilitates processing of student visa to Australia for all levels. Read More...

Employer Visa

About Employer Sponsored Visa

We, at Aussizz, assist in processing immigration to Australia. Work Visas, Student Visas, Travel Visas, Family Visas, and Skilled Visas are the different types of visas issued by Australian embassy. We facilitate this process and ensure that you receive your visas as required. Of the different types of Work Visas processed by us, 'Standard Business Visas' under 'Employer Sponsored' category is of particular importance. Read More...

Visitor Visa

About Visitor Visa

Australia is among the most widely travelled destinations globally. Its spectacular bio-diversity with equally magnificent geographic features makes this country a tourist's paradise throughout the year. Aussizz takes responsibility of facilitating processing of visitor's visa on your behalf. We ensure a hassle free deliverance of tourist visas to applicants. Australian visitor visas are issued to individuals proceeding on vacation, recreation, or spending holiday with resident Australians. Read More

Partner Visa

About Partner Visa

At Aussizz we extend our facilitation services for Partner Visas also. This visa type entitles a spouse or partner to immigrate to Australia on a permanent basis. Australian Immigration authority in an effort to unite distanced partners has equipped itself with providing this visa type. This visa category is issued to partners of: i) permanent residents of Australia, ii) Australian citizens, and iii) eligible citizens of New Zealand. Read More

Other Family Visa

About Family Visa

Australian immigration department in an effort to bring family members together have introduced family visa in Australia. This entitles partners, parents, children and other family members to migrate to this country subject to certain pre-conditions. These visas are essentially sponsored by Australian citizens, permanent residents of this country, and eligible New Zealand citizens. Read More

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  • Research Expertise

Auxiliary Services

Here Are Some Of The Reasons to choose our host
  • Travel Services
  • Overseas Student health Cover
  • Overseas Visitor Insurance
  • Money Transfer
  •  DTDC Courier Services
  • Career Assistance Program

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